Officer Elections

Ballots have been sent out for Officer Elections.  Please fill out the ballot and have it back and in the P.O. Box NO LATER than 11/28/11.  On the morning of 11/29/11 all ballots will be retrieved from the box and those will be the ballots counted on that day.  Announcements will be made after that count is complete and candidates are notified.


The following is a list of candidates running for office:


President & Convention Delegate

Annette Cunningham – Johnson (incumbent)

Keven Ondrack

Darrell Armstrong


Area Vice President – Consumer Sales

Veronica Rodriguez

Byron Mitchell


The following Officers were nominated and appointed by acclimation:


Executive Vice President

Lisa Avila

Secretary Treasure

Gavin Niebuhr

Area Vice President – Wholesale Markets

Karen Pearce

Area Vice President – Screening and CFS

Christopher Kawa

Area Vice President – Metro

Jimmie Landa

Area Vice President – Central and Southern Utah

Jeff Wiscombe


If you need a ballot please notify your steward or the hall (801-364-9361) immediately.  One can be sent out to you so you can vote for your Officers.


CWA 7704