Your Officers


President – Lisa Avila
Centurylink, AT&T Mobility, Cricket,  IATSE, Tyco,  ADT, Proponent Ink, Lyons Printing,  Service Press
Secretary/Treasurer – Terri Jacketta
-VP Bell Plaza, excluding CTS – Karen Pearce
  Area Rep- Mike Call
  Area Rep- Jason Croxford
-Vice Present Inside Consumer Technical Support – Jen Morse
  Area Rep- Kimberly Avila
-Vice President SLC Outside Metro – James Erickson
  Area Rep- Luciano Panunzio – Inside Metro
  Area Rep- Casey Cherrington – CDT, COE, IUF, COS
  Area Rep- Darrell Armstrong – Inside Metro
  Area Rep- Doug Hunter – Inside Metro
-Vice President Central and Southern Utah –  Jeff Wiscombe
  Area Rep- Dave Bringt –  Central Utah, PC & HC
Utah CL Pathways Advocate-  Chris Totten
                        Area Rep- Jennifer Newport – Midvale, Sale and Care
Steward- Terry Carrico
Steward- Patrick Varney
Steward- ADT Installation- Billy Kidd
Installation ADT- Rober Evensen
Maintenance ADT- Matt Pierce
AT&T Mobility & Cricket:
Area Rep  Mobility technicians- Gregg Stewart
Area Rep  AT&T Mobility and Cricket- Terry Zitlau
Lyons Printing 
Service Press