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Lisa Avila President:


Karen Pearce VP:

As Vice President for Bell Plaza one of my biggest concerns has been for the safety of the employees. I recently contacted the manager at CTL that is in charge of Safety. Although I have not discovered what floor had a safety drill, he states the last one was one June of 2015.  He also advised me that it is something that is generated by managers for each department or floor. I suggest if there has not been a fire drill or evacuation plan discussed with employees on your floor that you ask your manager when this will be done.  He advised me that there are 12 employees trained on the AED procedure however there is not a list posted on the floors so that we may easily identify them at a central point.  I am currently on short term disability. When I return I promise to move forward with getting the managers of Bell Plaza to conduct this vital drill as well as other hazards that have been identified to be taken more seriously.

There have been many opportunities recently for job openings.  In the last year there has been openings for Customer Communications Technicians, Service Delivery Coordinators, Data Specialists as well as the many new hires as Repair Service Attendants.  In the future I will create a list of some of the skills or classes that will help members to more successfully apply and interview for these jobs.  CWA bargained for our education assistance and this is an invaluable benefit for opportunity within and outside the company.


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