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Dena D’Amico, age 31 passed away unexpectedly last month of a pulmonary embolus.   She left behind her sweet 6 year old daughter Eva.

Dena was the granddaughter of union brother and sister Bev and Milt Saathoff and step daughter to Susan Saathoff.

You are invited to attend a fund raiser dinner where 100% of the proceeds goes to support sweet Eva.


All food is donated by Frank Granato Importing Company and we are asking for a $10.00 donation.

Please click on the link below to donate. Or bring your donation to the dinner on December 13th

When:        Friday, December 13
Where:     St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church
1375 E. Spring Lane Salt Lake City, UT
Time         5:30pm to -8:00pm .

Open Enrollment Info

Attached are the 2014 Annual Enrollment Guides for Active Occupational employees and Post-1990 Occupational Retirees. There will be some last minute changes on the commuter allowance information, which will be updated for the on-line version later this week and a paper insert will be provided for those who receive a hard copy.


Also attached are the 2014 rate sheets outlining the premiums for the options available to the pre-Medicare and Medicare-eligible retirees and a side-by-side comparison of what the CDHP, PPO and HDHP Plans cover by procedure.

Please note that the Pre-1991 and ERO retirees will only have the PPO Plan option.


Also, Retirees who have declined coverage in the previous year will default again to “declined coverage”. If the retiree chooses to opt for coverage, they can do so at this time.


During annual enrollment for 2014, employees and retirees must make an election for medical, dental and vision coverage even if they want to continue with a PPO or HDHP medical benefit option. Plan designs for PPO and HDHP differ from the 2013 medical benefit coverage. In the event employees fail to make an election, the default benefit plan options will be the CDHP and the Basic Dental and Vision coverage. Any changes to the benefit coverage following annual enrollment that individuals want to make prior to 2014 must be through the appeal process. This includes situations where employee or retiree fail to make an election and are placed into the “default” coverage options.


Smokers pay a higher premium than non-smokersDuring Open Enrollment, employees and retirees will be required to declare they live in a smoke free/tobacco free household in order to receive the Non-Smoker/Tobacco Free discount for medical premium contributions. Likewise, employees or retirees who are enrolled in a tobacco cessation program or other alternative to become tobacco free are eligible for the Non-Smoker/Tobacco Free discount. They do not have to complete the program prior to annual enrollment to receive the discount. Employees of households that use electronic cigarettes (a.k.a., e-cigarettes/vapor cigarettes) are considered as smokers/tobacco users and do not qualify employees for the Non-Smoker/Tobacco Free discount. In the event employees or retirees fail to declare that they live in a smoke free/tobacco free household, the smoker medical premium contributions will apply,


Throughout the Plan Year, employees may make changes to their smoke/tobacco status to receive or discontinue the Non-Smoker/Tobacco Free discount.


The Guides make references to the Medicare-eligible retirees moving to the exchanges with that information to be provided at a future date.

Post-1990 Retiree Rate Sheets

CDHP-PPO-HDHP Plan Design Comparison

2014 – Active Emps

Retirees POST-90

Payments with the approval of the new contract.

Lump Sum Payments 

Will be paid (one-time) on the first payroll period following the ratification date. The two percent (2%) Lump Sum Payment will be calculated using the employee’s basic wage rate as established on the last day preceding the ratification. Lump Sum Payments will be subject to Federal, State and Local taxes and other legally required withholdings such as Union Dues. Taxes will be determined using the IRS tax withholding rate applicable for lump sum payments. Part-Time and Incidental employees shall receive a prorated lump sum amount based on their EWW as of the effective date of such payment. 

Ratification Payment 

The $500.00 Payment, minus Federal, State and Local taxes and other legally required withholdings such as Union Dues will be paid to all Regular full-time and part-time employees on the payroll as of the date of ratification. Part-Time employees shall receive a prorated lump sum amount based on their EWW. This payment shall be made no later than four (4) weeks from October 25, 2013. 

Other Changes

The changes to the Healthcare and 401k Plans and to other provisions such as Article 12 Illness Absence, will not be effective untilJanuary 1, 2014. In terms of the other changes such as

Daily Premiums that are now effective, the new titles, etc., these are being reviewed to outline a transition period to the new language. Once that process is completed, we will finalize the dates and put that into a Letter of Agreement and distribute it to the Local Unions