ADT Contract Ratification Vote



The members have spoken by casting their vote to ratify the ADT/CWA contract on December 2, 2011. Attached you will see the changes that have been made to the CWA/ADT contract which is effective through July 31, 2014. I have listed just a quick summary of the changes, please refer to the attachments for more detailed information. We would like to thank everyone who came to the rallies and supported the Bargaining team during these negotiations.


– Stand by pay increased from $125.00 to 150.00 (article 6)

– Stand by pay on Holiday week increased from $150.00 to $175.00 (article 6)

– Two different seniority list. One for Commercial, one for Residential & Small business. (article 13)

-Employee’s compensation while using personal vehicle increased from $6.00 to $10.00 (article 15)

– Meal allowance changed from $45.00 to $61.00 (article 15)

– Travel time from when an employee leaves his/her home and going to the job site has been changed from 35 miles to 45 minutes (article 15)

– HVCI plan will not be effective until 1-1-2012. The parties will meet on the one year anniversary to discuss possible adjustments to the plan. Please see attachment for new pay out plan for High Volume installers. (article 18)

– Wage increases for the hourly with a wage re-opener on years 2 and 3:

2.3% upon ratification,

2.5 year 2

2.5 year 3


There is be a lump sum amount paid to all bargained for active employees upon ratification in lieu of retro of $350.00


In Unity

Your Bargaining team



Below is the Best and Final offer from the company.

Best and Final ADT Offer – 2011

ADT Bargaining Update – Contract Expiration




As you know the ADT/CWA collective bargaining contract expires tonight at 11:59p.m. Right now we are asking everyone to report to work at their regularly scheduled time, and as of this time we are working without a contract. We will be posting a picket duty roster within the work place sometime this week, and one will be distributed to the mailboxes in case there is a work stoppage. We are in discussions with ADT bargaining team to go back to the bargaining table and resume negotiations on November 28 and it is our hope and goal that we will be able to reach an amicable agreement. Please continue to wear your CWA badges and you ribbons on your vehicles in a show of solidarity, it is important that we display a show of unity at this critical time.


In Unity


Your bargaining committee

ADT Contract Ratification Update



Today the election committee counted the votes for ratification of the proposed contract and the members have spoken by voting down the contract. The company’s lead bargaining agent and the Federal Mediator has been notified and we have advised ADT that we are still willing to resume negotiations. ADT’s current contract is set to expire at midnight on Monday October 31, 2011. We will be sending out more information shortly.