ADT 2020 bargaining update And Agenda

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

To:  ADT CWA Members

Re: ADT 2020 bargaining update And Agenda

  1. CWA local 7704 bargaining committee met with the company Bargaining committee on December 10th, and 11th .  CWA Negotiations will continue with the company. The contract Expires 12/30/2020 CWA has decided to continue to work beyond the contract expiration date.  
  2. Sticking points in the negotiations are as follows:
    1. The company insists to split our current members into two separate contracts.
    1. the company request to eliminate daily overtime pay two a 40-hour week overtime formula.
    1. The company proposal to limit the union’s ability to request information from the company
  3. CWA local 7704 bargaining committee continue negotiations for fair contract (One Company One Contract)
  4. What does it mean to work without a contract, we sent out a document entitled (Working Beyond The Contract Expiration) lets go over this
  5. Mobilization efforts. Strong mobilization equals strong contracts we need to all be engaged to ensure that we have a strong contract we have some stickers that are printed that we need to mobilize out to each of our members at ADT. 

By cwa7704